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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My First Sweater

So, after a year of knitting practice, and lots of hats, scarfs, and fingerless gloves, I decided to try my hand and making sweaters.

My first project was a baby sweater. Children's sweaters are a little simpler because don't require as much shaping. I decided to use a drop sleeve design and a simple sleeve.

Designing items for my etsy shop and learning new techniques is always somewhat of a challenge. Designing this sweater took a some trial and error, ripping and re-knitting, to get it right. I originally gave this sweater a simple ribbed collar, but it gave the sweater to much of a sporty look. Wanting it to look softer, I substituted it for a pretty picot collar that came out a little ruffly.

In addition, me, being, well; me, when for a complex blackberry stitch for the body of the sweater. I love the lacy feel it gives the design.

For this sweater, I used a second hand pink acrylic yarn and buttons repurposed from a worn out men's dress shirt.

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